How Long Does a Private Investigator Conduct Surveillance?

It is a common question for both clients and prospective investigators: How long does a private investigator follow the subject of their observation? However, that is the wrong question to ask, if the situation is right, a private investigator could technically tail someone indefinitely, but that’s never the case. The more accurate question to ask is why does a private investigator stop their investigation?

Software Assistance for Social Media Investigations

For businesses and corporations, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become minefields of potential liability. The insubstantial nature of the Internet, however, means that posts come and go without leaving a trace, frustrating for investigators and law enforcement alike. Enter the new market of social media evidence collection software. This is software that can be installed proactively on the client computer, allowing instant capture of the target screenshot, digitally date- and time-stamped, and designed to meet court evidence standards in a manner that a standard computer screenshot does not. Electronic evidence authentication is a specialized area, and this new software makes it easy for investigators to provide what attorneys need to make their case.

What to Do if You Think Your Child’s Other Parent is an Unfit Parent

What to Do if You Think Your Child’s Other Parent is an Unfit Parent

If you are currently going through a child custody battle, you might be concerned about the behavior of your child’s other parent. For example, you could be concerned about your child being around his or her other parent due to drug use, general irresponsibility or a host of other issues. However, you might not be sure of what you can do about the situation. These are a few steps that can help.