Why Private Investigators Won't Do Anything Illegal For Clients

Why Private Investigators Won’t Do Anything Illegal For Clients

It is a common and widely media-propagated myth that private investigators are trench coat-laden men of mystery that hide in bushes by day and hack laptops by night. However, the truth is that private investigators are bound by the law like everyone else, often more so if they want to have a reputation that still gets clients. However, the unfortunate reality is that clients who seek private investigators know very little about what they actually do and the legality in which they do it.

No Name For a Social Media Investigation

No Name For a Social Media Investigation? No Problem!

These days you can find anyone online. However, it is widely believed that you at least need to have a name to find someone on social media. It may be a name as generic as John Smith, but by sifting through all those Smiths and relating the other common factors you know about your John Smith, you can track them down. Surprisingly, the same system that allows you to pick one John Smith out of a thousand on Facebook is also the same system that allows you to find a person even without a name.


Hidden Dangers of Facebook: How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Facebook has doubtlessly stitched us closer as a world, but unfortunately, the tons of personal information posted online leaves you vulnerable to identity thieves. According to a poll from NextAdvisor.com, around 27 percent of respondents said they posted their full name, phone number, email address and date of birth on their Facebook. All of this can be used for identity theft. An additional eight percent said they included their physical address on their Facebook profile. Here’s how to stay safe from identity thieves on Facebook.

A Few Things You Ought to Know In Regards to Child Custody

A Few Things You Ought to Know In Regards to Child Custody

Child custody is a complicated and often confusing subject in law and in life. If you or a loved one has fallen into a situation dealing with child custody, it’s not easy to get all of the facts straight. There are many conflicting sources of information, not to mention differences in law between states. Here are a few common questions related to child custody in the state of Georgia, as well as the answers you need.