Identity Theft Prevention - Who Wouldn't Want to Be You?

Identity Theft Prevention – Who Wouldn’t Want to Be You?

When you think of self-defense your mind may generate an image such as using pepper spray to ward off a potential attacker. Or maybe it’s time to use those sweet karate moves you learned from a self-defense class. Many of us try to prepare ourselves so that we aren’t made a victim. Self preservation! Physical harm isn’t the only threat to us, though! As reasonably almost-responsible human beings we have to make sure we aren’t caught off guard in other ways as well. I’m speaking specifically of identity theft.

Questions Real Background Checks Should Answer

Questions Real Background Checks Should Answer

To the standard normal person, background checks have always seemed like something that is cut off from them. It seems like something that only potential employers or law enforcement have access to. However, the honest truth is that if you look up background checks on Google, you will be overwhelmed with results. From completely free or super cheap checks to comprehensive background checks that cost a couple hundred dollars, you can background check anyone you want to. However, you should know that if you choose a free or cheap background check, you likely won’t get the answers to the question you want. If you have tried a background check yourself and question the validity of it, then it should answer at least some of these questions.

Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations – Thanks for Sharing Data!

Chances are you’re no stranger to social media; but have you heard of social media investigations? For those who haven’t; social media investigations gather data from social media posts, status updates, photos, and conversations of an individual. It’s becoming increasingly common in police investigations and private detectives utilize it on a regular basis to help them solve tons of cases. As of 2017, 81% of the American population is involved with some form of social media. That’s a lot of human beings volunteering random information about random things!.