Child Custody Investigations

We know your children mean everything to you. That’s why at Due Process Legal Support & Investigations, our investigators take every child custody case very serious and our main concern is the best interest of the children. Nothing is more important than ensuring they are provided with a safe living environment as well as receiving the proper care, financial support, and loving attention they deserve.

During a child custody battle or divorce, a parent or court may order a child custody investigator to determine what the child’s living environment and experience is like with a custody or non-custody parent. Investigations of parents sometimes reveal neglect, child abuse, alcohol and/or drug abuse.

How child custody investigations work

At Due Process Investigations, we use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent is with the child. This allows us to discover and document the child’s living environment as well as any undesirable behavior of the parent; such as reckless driving, criminal activity, or any other conduct that may affect the child’s welfare.

During a custody battle, it is your responsibility to provide proof of your allegations. It can become extremely difficult when an unfit parent presents themselves as a competent person while appearing before the court. For this reason, the evidence our experienced investigators obtain can be essential to your case and will always have more credence in court than a parent’s accusations.

Reasons you need a child custody investigator

  • You have suspicions about your child’s safety
  • You require peace of mind
  • You have been accused of abuse or neglect

Our child custody investigation services

  • Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • Parent / Witness Interviews
  • Background Checks

Our Child Custody Investigators Can Help Keep Your Child Safe

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