Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

Just the thought that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you is uneasy and can leave you feeling hurt and betrayed. Our Atlanta private investigators are committed to providing you with the evidence required to take the necessary steps towards protecting yourself from further pains and agony of infidelity. You have the right to live a peaceful and happy life void of deceit and insecurities.

Insurance Fraud

We provide detailed information you need to make critical claims decisions. Our experienced investigators are committed to obtaining the answers you need concerning your questionable claims. Whether fraud is involved or not, we guarantee you will be confident in your decision about how to proceed with the claim following our investigation.

Child Custody

We know your children mean everything to you. That’s why at Due Process Legal Support & Investigations, our investigators take every child custody case very serious and our main concern is the best interest of the children. Nothing is more important than ensuring they are provided with a safe living environment as well as receiving the proper care, financial support, and loving attention they deserve.

Background Checks & Pre-Employment Screening

Our investigators tailor each background investigation to your areas of concern, reasons for finding out more, and your overall needs. Whether you’re hiring a new employee, looking for a nanny, or making an investment, our background check investigators take the time to understand what you are looking for and ensure that the information you receive is accurate and relevant.

GPS Tracking

Want to know the whereabouts of your teenager or spouse? GPS tracking units are most often used when you want to find out where your spouse, child, employee, or vehicle go when you are not around.  We discreetly install a device on a vehicle which will provide live updates of the vehicles location. The primary use of a GPS unit during investigations is to eliminate countless hours of surveillance when the subject is at home, work, or is very suspicious of being followed.

Criminal Investigations

Due Process offers a wide range of civil litigation and criminal defense services. Our criminal investigators are highly trained and know how to find the evidence that you are looking for and the best practices to perform the investigation effectively. We always adhere to laws and regulations surrounding the investigation to ensure that your information is obtained in a legal manner.

Skip Trace & Missing Person Locates

Are you searching for a long lost friend, your lost love, or even a relative? Has your child or parent gone missing? Don’t waste your time conducting Internet searches, let our Investigators assist you. We also assist in locating delinquent debtors for businesses, landlords, and other various creditors.

Due Process Legal Support & Investigations, LLC will not only conduct a comprehensive database check but also conduct interviews of neighbors, family and friends. Our experienced investigators have access to some of the most vital tools and resources that will assist in locating that certain someone.

Process Service

We offer subpoena service, summons & complaint service, court notice delivery and most any other process service needs.